Published on Practical Photography June 2017

定期的に寄稿・執筆させていただいております英国のフォトマガジン「Practical Photography」。今月号では特集10 Clicksにて扉採用とともに、昼間長時間露光撮影によるモノクロ・レインボーブリッジの撮影手法やそのコンセプトについて数ページ拝借いたしましてお話させていただいています。英国に御住まいの方(笑)どうぞ書店へとお急ぎください。

For one of the major fine art photo magazine, Practical Photography. I happily would like to let you know that my special article with the back ground of day-time long exposure photography and image of Japan's suspension bridge have been published with my article and cover image of special article, 10 clicks. It's so glad you can enjoy it with other gorgeous works from internationally top photographers there. You should go to book store in UK, Enjoy!


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