Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018, TIFA2018, Opens! 東京International Foto Awards, 国際審査員に就任。

***** Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018, TIFA2018, Opens! ***** I’m quite happy to annouce that today, one of the international photographic competition on the stage in Japan, “Tokyo International Foto Award (TIFA 2018)”, has opened, which is established as a sister competition from International Photography Awards (IPA). Herein, the International Jury Panel is renewed in conjunction with the new policy of TIFA; furthermore, it’s highly honor that I’ve been named to be attended to the International Jury Panel again following to the first TIFA2016:

In TIFA, trophies and cash prize will be awarded to the 1st winner photographers of each category; a joint photo exhibition named as “The Best of TIFA” will be held in a gallery at Tokyo, Japan, in which very attractive photographic exchanges will also be scheduled among finalists, award-winning Japanese and worldwide photographers, editors, authors, curators and the International Jury Panel throughout IPA, PX3 and MIFA. We would be extremely grateful about your entry for this big international event in mage city Tokyo and also very much looking forward to meeting you at The Best of TIFA in Tokyo!

~国際写真コンテスト:Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018(TIFA2018)開催のお知らせ~ 

世界有数の規模を誇る国際写真コンテスト「International Photography Awards (IPA)」のスピンオフとして生まれた「Tokyo International Foto Award (TIFA)」応募がスタートしました。私は国際審査員(ジュリーパネル)として本コンテストに参加させて頂きます。

TIFAではプロ・アマ部門総合優勝および各カテゴリー最優秀者にはトロフィーと賞金が授与されるとともに、IPA, PX3およびMIFA同様、The Best of TIFAと題した写真展も都内にて開催されIPA-PX-MIFAを通じた国際的な写真家と日本の写真家との交流、ジュリーパネルとの相互紹介および各種講演会などの魅力的なイベントも行われます。皆様の御応募、心よりお待ちいたしております。そしてThe Best of TIFAにてお会いできる事、楽しみにしております。

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