Camerapixo Special Article and Interview

Published special article in Camerapixo (English writing below Japanese). 英国のファインアートフォトマガジンCamerapixo 。誌面カバーとシリーズ特集を拝受。本日発売ですが購入せずともサンプルは閲覧可能ですのでどうぞ御高覧のほどを。 ・紹介ページ: ・デジタルサンプル版:

For one of the major fine art photo magazines, Camerapixo, I happily would like to let you know that my memoried image of Opera House, taken in my business trip ;) as alternates of the cover page and additionally, my special article as series of my photography including a part of new series are happily published. I truly appreciate to Anetta G. Heller and Artur J. Heller for their cooperation on the publication. It's so glad that you can enjoy it with other gorgeous works from international excellent photographers there. Enjoy! The magazine may be viewed here:


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